Our Creations
Pure gold and platinum, raw gemstones and diamonds: this is the beating heart of Kryl jewelry, designed to enhance and celebrate the innate power and allure of precious materials, just as they can be admired in nature. Living jewels, where the beauty of these elements is safeguarded and immortalized by a rare resin sculpted into a monolith with minimalist lines: thanks to its flawless transparency, the precious materials shine and meld with the wearer, giving rise, each time, to a unique and unparalleled adornment.
Dialogue - Gold Frame
Our dialogue between 24ct gold and our raw gemstones.
Dialogue - Platinum Frame
Our dialogue between pure Platinum and our raw gemstones.
The purity of Kryl's raw metals
Kryl Dialogue Crystal Black
Intensity, fullness, power. When crystal dust meets pure metal.
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What is Kryl?
Kryl is the fusion of raw precious materials and sleek, elegantly designed forms, capable of evoking understated and timeless luxury.

All our gemstones are as pure as freshly unearthed from the Earth. The same concept is applied to precious metals: we use only 24-carat gold, pure platinum, and pure copper.

This choice, entirely unconventional in our industry, makes Kryl jewelry truly unique. Our pendants are a product of high Italian craftsmanship.

It is the handmade craftsmanship that ensures no two Kryl pieces can ever be identical: each of our jewelry items is as unique and unparalleled as the one who wears it.
Our Stores
Hotel Four Season
Via Gesù 6/8
Porto rotondo
Gioielleria Salvati
Piazzetta San Marco
Cortina d'Ampezzo
Gioielleria Cacciari
Corso Italia 58
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